wonderfulchaos: (sunflower)
wonderfulchaos ([personal profile] wonderfulchaos) wrote2016-06-11 03:49 pm

1st Post, Go!

I mainly created this account to have a place to post random fan-related stuff: like fanfic, fic recs, and so on. By no means should you expect anything deep or meaningful, heh. This is just a space for me to get out all the plot bunnies bouncing around in my mind without over-cluttering my hard drive. Because hey, I love to write and it tends to get crowded in my .doc files kinda quickly. So here we are!

I'm not sure when I'll be able to post and when I won't, though. My schedule's kind of crazy. More likely than not I'll start out with fic recs because they're less time consuming than actually editing and posting some of my own fics (which may or may not be worth posting, we shall see).

Anyway, for anyone curious or simply stopping by, thanks for doing so and crossing my fingers here hopefully this place won't be empty for too long!